On the bill for the Chester Literature Festival

13 09 2014


‘On Friday 10th October, catch local poet Glyn Edwards in the shed: he will be writing bespoke poems on any subject you care to give him.’

There’s something exciting about seeing yourself in third person.  When I lived in Chester, the Town Hall was decked in scaffolding and wrapped up in sheeting to the point it was invisible.  I would sit in front of the Cathedral on lunch breaks, head lowered into the wings of a book; I would ignore the square, the square would ignore me.

the cluttered, messy, wonderful inside of the shed

Friday 10th October 12-4pm

Friday 10th October 12-4pm




4 responses

14 09 2014

Your first subject is…writer’s block. Ted Hughes’ ‘The Thought-Fox’ is your stimulus text. Go hence and versify! 🙂

18 09 2014

‘To versify’ nice infinitive. ‘To thought-fox’, now that is an aspiration indeed. I’ll try. The organiser of the festival shared a joke about ‘blank verse’ – the empty page we talked about could be an apt response to your prompt! Will you be there to collect your poem?

17 09 2014

Amazing! Wish I could go!

18 09 2014

Thanks, you are more than welcome. Always more than welcome.

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