Next year, my debut collection of poetry will be published by The Lonely Press in 2018. Poems will also be published in Eye-Flash, Strix and the Cardiff Review.

In 2017, I was Poet in Residence at Gorjys Secrets and Gwledd Feast Conwy and co-edited Cheval 10, the anthology published in association with the Terry Hetherington Prize. I copy edited The Tishman Review and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. My poem The Birthday Waltz led The Lonely Crowd’s online Dylan Thomas anniversary coverage.

Previously, I have held the Writer in Residence role at the Chester, Conwy and Montgomery Literature Festivals and was involved in the ‘Poem for October’ activities in the Dylan Thomas Boathouse.

Prizes and publications

Antipodes, Eye Flash, 2018

Three Poems, The Lonely Crowd, 2017

Marvel Brennan, The Interpreter’s House, 2017

Night Fishing, Dialogist, 2017

Backstroke, The Cardiff Review, 2017

Gardening Leave, The Fenland Reed, 2017

Marrow, Nobel Gas Quarterly, 2017

Help, The Lampeter Review, 2017Wuthering Heights, A Furious Hope, 2017

Fishing, The Gull, 2017

Gertrude, The Use of English, University of Leicester, Autumn, 2016

Siegfried Sassoon, The Lonely Crowd, Issue 5, 2016

Edwards Thomas, The Lonely Crowd, Issue 5, 2016

Remembering Shakespeare, Wales Arts Review, 2016

What to do with his old clothes? Cheval, Parthian Press, 2016

Ynyslas, Cheval, Parthian Press, 2016


L’Accalmie, The Lonely Crowd, Issue 3, 2015

The Fox, The Lonely Crowd, website, 2015

Tumour, Red Poets, 2015

L’Accalmie, Cheval, Parthian Press, 2015

Moortown, When Young Dodos Meet Young Dragons (an Anthology of Mauritian and Welsh writing), Ae, 2015

Marrow, When Young Dodos Meet Young Dragons (an Anthology of Mauritian and Welsh writing), Ae, 2015

Untitled, When Young Dodos Meet Young Dragons (an Anthology of Mauritian and Welsh writing), Ae, 2015

Ty Mawr – The National Trust Wales, 2015

Marrow – Prole, 2015

The Grave of a Ground – Cheval, Parthian Press, 2014

Reasons I Won’t Ask Him – Cheval, Parthian Press, 2014

Lottery, Prole, 2013

Bauble, Cheval, Parthian Press, 2013

Lambing Language, Wales Poetry Competition, 2012

Old Coat, The Seventh Quarry, 2012

Rubbing, Roundyhouse, 2012 

Lambing Language, Cheval, Parthian Press, 2012

Mrs Tuttle’s Home,  Cheval, Parthian Press, 2012


The Girl with the Ponytail, Cheval, Parthian Press, 2011

Seal Clubbing, Cheval, Parthian Press, 2011

Seal Clubbing, Wales Poetry Competition: The First Five Years, Ponty Press, 2011



34 responses

22 08 2012
Tom Gething

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My mom, a poet, used to give me Benadryl when I was a kid. She said it was for my hay fever, which I did suffer from, but I suspect it was sometimes administered so I’d get sleepy. Then she could write poetry in the ensuing quiet. Cheers!

1 09 2012

Ah benadryl, the nectar of the peace seekers. We are considering weaning ours from milk to Strawberry calpol.

3 11 2012

Voting for benylin, and not the new non drowsy one! The one with the warning not to operate machines after taking!

3 11 2012

First tooth today; all the Benylin in Boots couldn’t save us.

Have mercy.

25 08 2012

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog

8 09 2012

Thanks for stopping in at my blog, much appreciated.

25 09 2012
Trent Lewin

Love the tag-line on the blog, sir. And happy to meet you – I share your sleeplessness, and for the same reasons.

25 09 2012

congratulations! It’s amazing how much you read when you’re desperately tired. I hope it gets easier on you!

25 09 2012
Trent Lewin

It always sometimes does.

1 10 2012

Shhhhh. Don’t wake the baby!

1 10 2012

He sleeps and sleeps. Last night however…

4 10 2012

These replies have awakened a craving for Benylin – the original drowsy do-not-operate-machines version 😀

8 12 2012

You may already know that I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award; take a look:

22 12 2012

Thank you for liking by poem The Sun Walkers. My name is Monica and I live in Los Angeles California. That picture is of the island of Kauai (one of the Hawaiian isles).

21 06 2013

I am so glad to meet with you and your amazing blog. Thank you for visiting my blog, you are so nice. With my love, nia

21 06 2013

That’s very kind. Thank you

29 12 2013
Wild Heart Scribe

Thank you for the visit! I returned the favor and quite enjoyed what I found,

29 12 2013

Thanks, I skipped past the word ‘quite’ and replaced it unconsciously with ‘really’. Your site is busy and interesting and comprehensive. Thanks again.

29 12 2013
Wild Heart Scribe

Well quite and really are certainly interchangeable. Busy? Hmm…

30 12 2013

Thank you for following my blog!Happy that you like it:) what an interesting blog you have:) for sure will be back here 🙂

31 12 2013

Thanks, Siena has always on a list of ‘places to visit’; your website makes it look like a utopia!

31 12 2013

Thanks, Siena has always on a list of ‘places to visit’; your website makes it look like a utopia!

23 07 2014
Thom Hickey

Thanks. Pleased to,have found your blog. I’ll explore further. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (plugged in now).

16 08 2014
Steve Mitchell

Hi – just a quickie to say we did make it to North Wales this weekend, and had a walk around Conwy – went in the Dylan Thomas shed and had a nice chat with the woman there. Unfortunately we’re bobbin off early tomorrow, so won’t get chance to come to your event – but wishing you the very best, and hope to meet up on a future visit. Cheers!

16 08 2014

I intended to email you some of the found poetry we amassed in homage to yours, but ran out of signal and time. If I had thought you’d be this way (and were not just being polite) I’d have requested you master class the session we had in the bookshop basement. Did you see David Crystal in the evening?

20 08 2014
Steve Mitchell

Hi there. Had quite a packed anniversary weekend, so we weren’t about in the evening. Hope everything went well. How did the session go?
We’re off away now for a couple of weeks – reading and very little else. Best wishes. Cheers, Steve

18 08 2014

Hi there. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to having a read of yours – looks very interesting!

18 08 2014

You’re welcome on both counts.

5 10 2014

Ta for the comment, Glyn. Did you mean ‘Every Laugh is a Dice Throw’?

All the best,


10 01 2015

Honored by your “like.” Thank you.

26 04 2015
Elaine Ewart

Honoured that you are following my blog, Glyn, thank you.

26 04 2015

That’s a statement to make me smile over a pile of Sunday marking. Thanks and thanks

21 03 2017
Edward Thomas 100: Celebrating A Poetic Legacy

[…] as an evening of poetry on 21st April, featuring three poets (Lucy Newlyn, Jonathan Edwards and Glyn Edwards) as well as an open mic, the project will include a creative writing workshop on 8th April. These […]

21 03 2017

Looking forward to reading, and to learning more about Edward Thomas.

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