The Birthday Waltz

6 12 2017

A piano accompaniment by my friend, Daniel Trevithick, of a poem featured in Issue 8 of The Lonely Crowd.  The poem was written during a ten day residency in the Dylan Thomas Boathouse and seeks to interpret the voice of Vernon Watkins as he searches for his friend Dylan Thomas in and around his Laugharne home.  The poems structure is based on Thomas’ The Birthday Walk.

Daniel is a guitarist and percussionist in the band Black Mountain Lights.




2 responses

6 12 2017
Colin Helene

This was so lovely – your poetry is always evocative of the ambience of a place not just its corporeal reality especially when set to sympathetic music.

Regards Helene McKenna

6 12 2017

The notes alongside certainly make me enjoy the poem more. Thank you. Regrettably, my voice is far less sympathetic. Thanks again.

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