Rufus II

17 02 2015


‘Come Paprika,’ he says.
‘Let us go forward together,’
and jostles the laterite poodle from a blanketing sun
and out, through the blackberries, to drovers’paths, chalky downs.

Thrilled to follow,
this three-legged man taps out his tender time,
and trails the flailing tail around laurels,
and punctures his stick like drawing pins pricking mounted maps.

Although he shuffles now
towards a discovery of dissolution,
and patterns contours from paw prints not a cartographer’s pen
and surrenders to the horizon like cigar smoke haunting the spring wind.




4 responses

19 02 2015
Jane Jazz

Some lovely imagery here; I really enjoyed reading this.

19 02 2015

Thanks – that’s kind. Lots of haste involved; it was a poetry shed request I kept on delaying.

20 02 2015
Izzy J

Really liked this; creates a lovely image in my head.

21 02 2015

Thanks Izzy

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