25 08 2014

I’d crossed the road trivially and barefoot,
Seeking some nothing of importance:
Borrowing sugar or an egg, thanking him
For the car he’d bartered for like a baited bear
At the showroom.

He closed the door behind him, so I stepped
Back from the welcome mat, out of the limp light
And heard him in cloistered quiet
Reveal his doctor’s deadline
From the doortstep.

The silence shivered and stilted my speech
So he gathered his heavy hand upon my shoulder,
Held it there while he bullied me to believe
He’d beat it again. That he’d buy me that pint
Before Autumn arrived.

We talked idly of the bats rolling in the oaks
Until his red-eyed wife called out his name,
urging him back into her warmth,
Her voice all goose-pimpled and jaundiced
Behind the door.

I offered to bring him to the football
When the season started up again,
Though his smile shamed my simplicity
And I stared down at my cold feet,
conspicuous as cancer.




One response

23 09 2014

Thanks Izzy, it’s been in B29 for a fortnight sorry. I thought you’d been to collect it. Go and ask for it tomorrow. Thanks again.

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