Jumping in the River Dee

28 04 2014


Everything has been exaggerated

Horse drawn canal boat studded with dew,
the steadying silence, bramble crowns, the few
damp prayers pawed onto rocks.

A barefoot pilgrimage to the bridge.

A dismount and dive and full
arms winging water away.
Smiling in the shallows and being
towelled by the sun.

Everything has been exaggerated.

The muddy pass snaked closer
to road than river. Plastic
bag crows’ nests cackled
in wet wind.

They hunted the water, shooting
at sight between bushes and chasing
the bust of the beast. These eyes threw
a net to the sky,
hauling in excuses that wouldn’t be caught.

The last, leaping too late
To escape distrust, too near
To evade the eddy at the rocks,
the swell by the trapped logs,
the charging current of the darkness.

Stuck to the bank as a stickleback,
out of sight, away from memory.




3 responses

29 04 2014

threw a net to the sky
what an image!

29 04 2014


27 05 2014
Jonathan Caswell

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